Elevating Dentists to be Confident, Profitable Business Owners

“You just have to get started”

~Sina, Owner of SenaDen
Business Planning

Business, unfortunately isn’t taught in dental school, yet most dentists want to own a practice.

A business starts with an idea, and then goals, plans of action, research and development and more all have to take place, before that idea can go anywhere.

Let’s get you thinking like a business owner, so that your practice is successful.

Project Management

Buying or building, owning or leasing, there are so many decisions that have to take place, and a lot needs to get done on a very strict timeline.

Having a dedicated person to ensure that no detail is missed is ideal. Together we can make sure that your practice opens on time and is set up for success.


As a business owner with a team, you get to be the captain of the ship, the leader. Although you may have an exceptional office manager, you are still the one the team will look too.

Are you confident of your leadership skills? Nervous about how to retain employees?

A strong team can not only grow your business, but alleviate much stress. These are skills that you can learn!

“Life is to short to learn from your own mistakes. So learn from others”

– Why New Dental Owners Should Hire a Consultant

Famous Words

I just want to be a dentist.

~Every Owner Dentist

Wouldn’t that be nice? You just show up and the practice runs itself? Unfortunately, that is not what happens, and regardless of that stellar team, this is your business and you are in charge of it.


Sina is a one-of-a kind individual that I was lucky enough to call my office manager when I lived n Alaska. With her leadership Success always followed. Sina has a way of working with people that shows she genuinely cares for the greater good off all involved. I wish I could bring with me to every office I work at in the future!

~ Jessica Dudley, RDH

The best way to describe Sina is a whirlwind. She works fast and likes to be productive. I appreciated her attention to detail, compassion for our patients and willingness to take care of our team. Sina brings an element of creativity and fun to the dental office, which makes the patient and team experience one that people want to be part of.

~ Shawn Lee, DMD

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The goal of SenaDen is to help dentists become successful business owners, with strong teams and profitable practices…

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