A Crown is a Crown

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

This I think is the hard truth to face for many entrepreneurs. Honestly, when was the last time anyone had a new idea? It’s not like people are inventing airplanes, or the first espresso machine or we are seeing first denim pants being created. In the past there were revolutionary ideas, people could create a product and then sell it and they were the only ones doing that. There was no real competition!

Perhaps you had to get people to change their way of thinking, like going from a horse and cart to an automobile. But once people realized the convenience, look at where we are now. Business today (for the most part) is just people re-creating ideas. And the ones who succeed, who really stand out from the crowd, are the ones who know exactly who they are marketing to and use the culture of their business to stand apart.

They have a very clear direction and they know their ideal customer, client or patient. They aren’t trying to market to everyone, they are trying to market to a very specific person or a group of people.

This is especially important for businesses to understand. Let’s look at dentistry, because that’s what I love. You open a dental practice, I guarantee that nothing you are doing is different then the office down the street. You’re probably doing crowns, maybe same day, composite fillings, teeth whitening, a little bit of Endo. So, really you’re not doing anything differently. You are doing dentistry.

So why should they come to you? You can’t just go out there and say hey I’m a dentist come see me. Because there’s probably dozens if not hundreds of other dentists in the same city. People have their choice, it’s nothing new. It’s not like you’re moving into a town and you’re the only one, and if you are good for you. But for the majority of dentists, opening a practice, you are instantly going to have competition.

This is where knowing the vision and mission of your business is key, but most importantly who you are marketing to and what is the culture of your business, is going to set you apart. Why should people choose you? How will you make them feel? What do you stand for? Those are the things that people will look for to differentiate you from someone else. 

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