Don’t let fear keep you from caring for your patients

Hey! Guess what? You are going to have patients come and go. The door to a dental office is almost revolving with new patients coming and old patients leaving. From insurance changes, to not liking the scent of hand soap in your restroom, to price shopping and finding a better “deal”, patients don’t need anyContinue reading “Don’t let fear keep you from caring for your patients”

Are you the leader in your dental office or are you missing that step?

It is not their business. Literally, your dental practice is your business, not your employees. So please stop expecting them to treat it is like their own, because them working for you is always based on conditions. And they do know that if they left, you would just replace them (you would, don’t lie). Now,Continue reading “Are you the leader in your dental office or are you missing that step?”

What a group dental practice taught me

My career in dentistry started as an office manager in a great dental office. Although I didn’t even know what a prophy was that first morning, I had a great organization that was ready to teach me how to make a dental office go from just good to AMAZING! Now don’t jump to any conculsionsContinue reading “What a group dental practice taught me”

Yes, Giving is Great for Business

Being part of your community, is the best and most inexpensive form of advertising possible. People like to support businesses, that support causes or groups they are part of. They have to go to the dentist, why not go to one that is supporting the local food bank, that they also support. There are aContinue reading “Yes, Giving is Great for Business”

Candy, it’s job security for dentistry!

We had a bowl of candy at the front desk in our dental office! Yes, you read that right! A bowl of actual candy – not sugar free, not the tooth shaped suckers sold by dental companies. Nope this was sugar filled, sticky, hard candy. And it was amazing! If you’re a dentist you areContinue reading “Candy, it’s job security for dentistry!”

The Business of Dentistry

“There is cash in the bank, so I must be okay” ~ Said the Business Owner Who Wonders Where Their Money Went There is no doubt that dental students are smart! They don’t just hand out dental licenses to anyone, right?! Dentists are skilled in science, artistic abilities and are taught that perfection is inContinue reading “The Business of Dentistry”

I bought a practice, now what?

One way that dentists become owners, is by buying an already established dental practice. This can prove to be a very successful endeavor, or it can completely fall apart. I have seen what happens when there are bad transitions, and patients end up running for the hills and the dentist who thought they would haveContinue reading “I bought a practice, now what?”

A Crown is a Crown

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” This I think is the hard truth to face for many entrepreneurs. Honestly, when was the last time anyone had a new idea? It’s not like people are inventing airplanes, or the first espressoContinue reading “A Crown is a Crown”

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