Don’t let fear keep you from caring for your patients

Hey! Guess what? You are going to have patients come and go. The door to a dental office is almost revolving with new patients coming and old patients leaving.

From insurance changes, to not liking the scent of hand soap in your restroom, to price shopping and finding a better “deal”, patients don’t need any big reason to leave. They do and they will AND you need to accept that!

Once you come to accept that not all patients will stay with you indefinitely, AND you have a plan (and WOW experience) to attract new patients coming in, you can START being an exceptional provider!

Now you are probably saying you are already a great dentist. You really, really care about them.

YET….you don’t have a serious perio protocol in office (and don’t say that your patients don’t have perio issues, when the national average is that 42% of patients have periodontitis with one or more teeth)! You are treatment planning, but not stressing the importance of getting said treatment. In fact the reason this happens, is because you are afraid to scare a patient away. You let them dictate when they get cleanings, exams and X-rays, even though your protocol is an exam every appointment!!


The list goes on of the things I have witnessed dentists not do, because they are afraid of losing a patient.

So what do you do?

My suggestion, define the types of patients you want. Write down your protocols and what you believe is the best way to care for patients. Think of what your definition of ethical dentistry is.

Your job as a HEALTHCARE provider is to take care of patients health. If they have decay in their mouth, it needs to be fixed. If they need an SRP, tell them. If you want patients to have an exam with every visit, then make it a policy and dismiss patients who don’t want to follow it.

Do NOT lessen your care to get a patient not to leave.

Have your standards and stick to them.

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